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100% Organic Cotton Tampons & Pads.

All-natural, Soft & Tender. Made from Premium Cotton.
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Chemical Free. No toxins. No pesticides.

Soft, Certified and 100% Organic Cotton

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The best tampons and pads, made from 100% organic and chemical free, recyclable materials, from now on will always be at your hand & on time!

Shop by Pack or Subscribe for a Monthly Supply

Single-use plastics of other hygiene products pollute the planet for 500 years!

Tampon applicators, for example, are almost always made of plastics, while every pack of period pads has enough of the material to make four carrier bags. 45 million of these products are used each year, a good portion of which are flushed down the toilet and make their way to the ocean and litter beaches.

Plastic menstrual products are everywhere. Plastics used in these products are made of unsafe substances that might be absorbed through the genitals through long-term exposure. The dioxin found in the gels used in sanitary pads are a known cause of ovarian cancer, for one. They also trap heat and dampness that often lead to тyeast infections and skin irritation.

No Guilt
in LadyDays!

We care about the Planet! Each tampon on our catalog is made from premium certified organic cotton, meaning it’s cruelty and chemical-free. No toxins, no pesticides, no guilt!

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