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About Us

Gender equality is not merely a woman’s issue; it is a human issue. And that’s why we believe that no lady — no matter her age — should miss out on educational or economic opportunities just because it’s her time of the month. That’s what Lady Days is all about.

We use the broad reach of the internet to make safe and sustainable alternatives to feminine hygiene available to anyone everywhere. We sell products that provide pads and educational opportunities for young women and girls as their advocacy. We exist to make lady days a thing to be celebrated, not hated.

We Seek Sustainability

You may not think much about your plastic-based tampon, but it will still be here hundreds of years after you’re gone, cluttering the planet on a landfill or a beach somewhere. Each day, women add to the out-of-control stockpile of non-biodegradables polluting the environment by continuing to use modern hygiene products that contain single-use plastics.

We hope to put a stop to this madness. Lady Days features products that promote women’s hygiene without compromising on environmental cleanliness. 100% certified organic, cruelty-free, and minimum impact – we only carry sanitary products that have your and the earth’s wellbeing in mind.

We Live for Equality

All women are equal, and that’s why they need to have equal access to opportunities and necessities that are basic to their subsistence. We desire an equitable world where women have the freedom to lead happy, healthy, and wealthy lives without barriers to their success.

That’s why a portion of every purchase you make on Lady Days store goes to help young girls and women from underserved communities in New Zealand get the educational opportunities and hygienic products that they need to thrive. Plans to extend the aid to resource-poor areas in Africa and India are already underway.

Our Mission

To create a cross-cultural milieu that rewards sustainable consumption and discourages the use of products that harm both women and the planet.

Our Vision

To equalize health and economic outcomes for women across the globe by providing them with access to sustainable sanitary products and the educational opportunities they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.